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Thread: Muckman in MOTUC

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    Muckman in MOTUC

    For those of you that don't know the story, Muckman replaces Gangstor as a runner up for the new CAC as a member of the Revenge Squad, when Gangstor got disqualified because someone posted his pic on Deviant Art. Axel got to design this character, but we really didnt get much about this guy. He is a cyclops that kinda looks like Concept Art Hoove (from NA), he has a gun, and he wears body armor similar to Man E Faces. I have to admit, I dont like the name, first cause i feel it will create a problem with the TMNT Character down the road, and second what does it have to do with the actually character, i mean if we have an explanation that makes senses down the road, awesome, but just looking at him, i dont see Muckman. Regardless of that, he is member of the Revenge squad and I really like this new faction, so bring him on.
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