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Thread: Grayskull Robot in MOTUC discussion thread

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    Grayskull Robot in MOTUC discussion thread

    With the anticipated release of Gy-Gor, never before seen vintage prototype character which seemingly no one knew about until about six months ago, I got thinking about a pre-Filmation figure central to Castle Grayskull that was never made:

    the Castle Grayskull robot/armor.

    For years before Mattel released the Sorceress figure, I had regretted that this robot character could not move and protect the throne of Castle Grayskull. He just had to stand there like a useless statue and watch as Skeletor took the throne and the Evil minions took over my Castle Grayskull.

    Now I reckon if we're getting a Gy-Gor no one's ever heard of, surely we deserve a Grayskull robot/armor figure.

    Always loved the blaster attached to his left wrist. Looks like this figure could use Trap Jaw's legs, may need unique arms and helmet and a new armor built like Optikk's to cover the standard torso.

    Maybe someone could help me out a bit to distinguish whether it is a robot or suit of armor? If it's a suit of armor, how cool would it be to remove the helmet and put a removable He-Man or Man-At-Arms or some other head in there?
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