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Thread: Grayskull Robot in MOTUC discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by keller View Post
    I could see a mini comic telling the story of Queen Marlena being in this suit and the "console" being the life support/stasus unit used for long space flights suddenly all @*!! goes haywire and she awakens to the ship out of control after the crash Duncan salvages the suit, console and other tech from the wreck and stashes it in Grayskull to study it in private maybe even a little shot of him looking at earth technology via the ships computer files.
    That is how I always thought of it.

    But how about this:

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    Yep. Always saw that as a space suit, not a robot.

    Not interested.

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    there are a few things that jumped out on me reading this thread 1 thanks to the mighty spector we now have the arm blaster! 2 in marlenas bio it mentions a connection between eternia and earth could this be the suit of an original earth traveller
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    Here's Joe Amaro's new custom of the "Protector."

    Now that would be a truly kickass club exclusive.

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    It is AWESOME...I hope TG sees this and becomes inspired to include this as a club exclusive or bonus figure...
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    I hope Joe entered this in the Create-a-figure contest. It is perfect.
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    So Now that Jet pack from the Fall of eternia Minicomic is shown wearing this gear should we change the name of this thread to Jet pack or leave it the way it is, as he is a legiamite character in the mythos. Just a thought.

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