Ancestor of Duncan, the Man-At-Arms of the House of Randor, Gladius was the first Man-At-Arms to serve the royals of Eternia. As weapons master for King Grayskull it is rumored that he first forged the Power Sword, though this is only myth and legend. During the climactic battle between the forces of Grayskull and the Snake-men, Gladius was mortally wounded in combat defending his king. After the battle was over the Goddess of Grayskull restored Gladius' life with a portion of the Power of He. In return for this gift Gladius has sworn to protect the Goddess for all eternity. Alongside Zodak, Gladius fights the forces of evil that wish to possess the greatest power in the universe.

Head, arm armor, sword: Man-At-Arms
Body: He-Ro
Chest armor: Battle Armor He-Man