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Thread: Tytus, Battle Cat, etc: "Oversized" price-value relationship

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    Tytus, Battle Cat, etc: "Oversized" price-value relationship

    hi all,

    i am a HUGE fan of price-value relationship. i used to believe that $20 was too high for the average MOTUC figure, specially when adding Shipping and tax.

    now, with the 5 minute sellouts and having bought at least 6 figures from the secondary market, i feel i'm actually getting a DEAL when i'm able to buy them at official $20 price.

    now, with Larger figures such as Battle Cat, and Tytus... do you think we're getting fair value for our money?

    Battle Cat for $30 seemed fairly priced, and for me he would have been even BETTER value than a $20 figure had i been able to get him at cost... but i'm not sure about Tytus yet... i want him, but:

    * he's less articulated than Battle Cat
    * he's rotocasted, which i think also means lesser-quality plastic
    * overall he seems like a lesser "figure" next to Battle Cat, and even in terms of character design, IMO
    * he's 10 dollars more than BC
    * plus he'll probably cost more to ship, then?

    so at $40 each Tytus, PLUS tax, PLUS shipping, do you think you're getting a fair deal?

    what do you think shipping costs will be for Tytus? is he in fact larger / heavier than Battle Cat?

    and what can we expect in terms of Price-Value relationship for other upcoming and/or possible larger figures?


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    I either paid $19.99-29.99 for each of my 200x Rotocast figures and they were not nearly as cool as Tytus.

    Given that MOTUC is a online only premium line and I pay $20 for a reg small figure I do not have an issue with paying $40.

    Shipping costs should be $12-16 for the standard order

    I do not factor shipping into my total price because when you order online you have to expect to pay, I cannot say for instance Tytus should be $20-30 because shipping is ~$20 when I know the only way to buy him is online so s/h is the same as paying sales tax in a store
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    I doubt he's as heavy as Gygor will be. Gygor looks like he's as wide as Tytus is anyway, with more articulation to boot. Does make you wonder a little. It might be worth it for someone to custom cast him in different materials. He also needs a custom Grayskull brick or two to throw around/stack.
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