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Thread: MOTU Classics Tytus Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    Great Tytus review, Dan. I'm especially thankful for this particular video since we're getting warned about the "Evil Warrior scooper" scratching up the figures.

    Bummer about the articulation. I've always wanted to have Tytus do a Hulk Hogan Leg Drop onto He-Man.

    I wonder how come they opted for the hard loincloth? I wonder if the Tytus re-release will have a softer version?

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    Great intro and honest Review The lacking of a ball jointed head is really disappointing.
    The Fwoosh said he does have a ball jointed head and partial ball joint shoulders, but in your video it really doesn´t look like that
    I was hoping he can at least look down on his enemies

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    I've always wanted to have Tytus do a Hulk Hogan Leg Drop onto He-Man.
    Huh? Did I miss something? Since when did Tytus turn heel?
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    The articulation doesn't bother me! I can't wait for Tytus!! He looks amazing! Great review as usual PD!
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    wow. between the horrible articulation and the hard plastic, i will be skipping tytus. this is not worth $40.00

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    nice review as always PD, Tytus is freaking sweet
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    Thanks so much for another awesome one!

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    Another excellent review! Tytus looks great to me!!!
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    That's an AWESOME intro with the Castle and lightning. AMAZING!

    Great review. Thanks for the paint scratch warning! I hope everyone can really spread this news or there might be a lot of unhappy collectors.

    I thought Tytus could raise his arms to the side (flap like a bird motion) that's a bummer. It also sucks they used the HARD plastic for his loincloth and hair. I wish they used the softer stuff like Evil-Lyn's dress and Adora's hair...

    Still an awesome figure and cool that the boots turn. Didn't know that!
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    can you post a picture with Battlecat with and without armour?

    So we can see what an inscale Cringer looks like?

    I expect that Tytus makes Battlecat look like a housecat.

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    Fantastic opening sequence!

    Cant wait to get this figure. Cant say im bothered about the lack of articulation compared to regular figures as more articulation would have probably added to the price. I dont intend on having him do acrobatics so he has enough articulation for my needs.
    Im also not fussed about the figure grabber weapon. Always thought it looked silly and didn't suit the character. Id rather he had a huge axe or hammer.

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    Very nice review. But it is a pity at there couldn't be the comparison with vintage Tytus. I think this would make the "lack" of articulation less problematic. Because just like all the other MOTUC figures have their articulation upgraded with respect to their vintage versions so does Tytus. It is just a different point of view. If compared to vintage Tytus, the MOTUC Tytus has actually a lot of articulation.

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    I really LOVE the new opening credits intro! As someone else said, it would be great to see a different depending on which faction a character is with. I hope there's a Crystal Castle opening for She-Ra!

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    It was a nice Review PD, but Tytus will be the easiest figure to skip. Too many cons vs. pros for me. It's a cool looking toy, but to me, it feels lacking...

    I hope that those who want him can get him... I will not be fighting for your Tytuses? Tyti? Tytus figures...
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    look at those veins in the biceps, tytus is definitely on roids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
    Very nice review. But it is a pity at there couldn't be the comparison with vintage Tytus. I think this would make the "lack" of articulation less problematic. Because just like all the other MOTUC figures have their articulation upgraded with respect to their vintage versions so does Tytus. It is just a different point of view. If compared to vintage Tytus, the MOTUC Tytus has actually a lot of articulation.
    Here are some comparison pics between my Vintage Tytus and my MOTUC Tytus. I have to disagree about the MOTUC Tytus having a lot of articulation. He has 12 points and 2 of those points are useless, because the legs cannot move due to the loincloth. That takes MOTUC Tytus down to 10 points of usable articulation. The vintage Tytus has 6 points, although the left arm has an action feature so it has a limited ability to be moved. So 12 points (10 really) versus 6 points (5 really) is not very much progress compared to the difference in the other vintage figures to their MOTUC counterparts.

    The MOTUC Tytus is an awesome figure but I still say that Mattel was trying to make the figure as cheap as possible at the expense of his size and articulation.

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    Cool comparisons, anime hyper detail. Can't help but find it funny and disappointing the original towers over the MOTUC one. We have a bigger scale for the regular figures and the old Tytus could own the new one any day when it comes to size.

    I'm glad I'm only after one to have for MOC on the first round and will wait to see if any improvements are made on the loincloth and hair plastics for a re-release so I can take him out of the box so my son and I can play with him.

    We know he's going to sellout in ten minutes and he's going to come through again. Again, it's kinda disappointing to know this is what $40 will get me when you compare it to the original one. Also, it would've been nice to have the shoulder ball joints. Oh well, hopefully my plan A will pan out and I'll get one of him on May 17th. Thanks again, Pixel Dan!

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    Very good review of Tytus

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    Good review, especially appreciated pointing out the crappy articulation & the weak-arm for holding that awful weapon. Not to mention the terrible armour with the "G" on it!

    Tytus looks bad, moves bad & has no nostalgia value for me. The original looks much better! I'll be saving my $$$ this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Dan View Post
    Yeah, the articulation is indeed a let down. I'm happy to own a Tytus, for sure. But it sucks that he can't really be posed much, and his weapon isn't held too well since his arm keeps falling.
    Dan judging from your review I would say that the figure can't really be posed at all. Those articulations are so restrictive in the movements that the only pose Tytus can actually assume is upright standing! The lack of ball joints on the shoulders is the worst defect imo. I will (try to) buy it anyway because it is a legendary figure, but I am really disappointed this time.

    I appreciated that you pointed out so clearly its limited articulations, thanks.

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    Great review Dan.

    I'm pretty let down by Tytus though. The lack of some of the articulation and hard plastics is a huge let down. I'll still get him, but Mattel could do much better.

    In the future I hope they don't half do figures just to get them out. Either do them in the classics style the same way as the standard figures are, or like battlecat, or don't do them till they can be done justice.

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    Great review Pixel! Tytus is fantastic, beautiful open side of the box, but the sins of the arm articulation that falls with the weapon in your hand for me it is heavy! So you can not even put a stick in and pull it upward other AF!

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    Great review as always.

    I do have a question though. Was there any indication anywhere about how much shipping was or will be?
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    Great review Dan! As many have said already i thank you for your honesty. I think i'll take my chances and wait on the re-release of this figure to see if they change the articulation for next time.i wish good luck to everyone who are trying to get him on the 17th

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    Good job Dan. A big let down in the articulation department.I would have fought to get'm if he was on par with the rest of the MOTUC line but as of now, it's an EZ pass for me.
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