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Thread: MOTU Classics Tytus Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    Thanks for the review Pixel Dan!

    I like tytus but I would have preferred him to have more articulations... even if it would have meant to see a higher cost.

    I really like posing my figures and each time the number of articulations is reduced, I'm a little bit sad...
    ... also not using a soft plastic and harder joins (to handle the weapon) are big mistakes IMO.

    Anyway, it seems to be a really cool figure I want to own but it could have been better IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motu77 View Post
    I do have a question though. Was there any indication anywhere about how much shipping was or will be?
    I'm expecting like $50...

    I wonder if we'll get a coupon for Tytus like we got for Battle Cat?

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    Tytus looks cool with the "Conan look."

    I wish he had a different weapon as well as his grabber.

    Lack of articulation won't bother me.

    Now, let's see if I can get him!

    Good review Dan!
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    If I am lucky enough to get him I will be giving him the sword and axe I got with an old conan figure years ago. They were pretty big so I think they will look to scale with him.

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    Well, I must say that, as much as I like Tytus and his sculpt, ... I'm disappointed.

    Why ? Because once again, Mattel had an AWESOME looking figure (sculpt), and just went and botched it with a total lack of articulation ! No ball joint, legs that can barely move, hard plastic for the loin cloth, limited movement of the head, etc. etc.

    What's even worse is that Tytus's weapon is too big and heavy for his size (I had a feeling when I saw the pics), and it drags the arm downward.

    So, few articulations, and an unusable weapon !

    All in all, the figures still looks excellent and impressive, but unfortunately, Mattel's LIMITATIONS caused this otherwise wonderful figure to look like an INFERIOR QUALITY figure !

    We always come back to this fact : the quality of these figures seems to be lacking, from design (Tytus's articulation limitations are a good example) to production (sloppy paint apps, brittle plastic for the Goddess, bobbleheads, weak joints, warped limbs or weapons...), and there is NOTHING that was made to remedy or to avoid such problems. It is really a crying shame !

    I'll still be buying Tytus, and probably Megator, but if the guys Mattel don't start producing DECENT figures with EXCELLENT quality, I think I might begin to skip some figures. This will begin with Mo-Larr, an exclusive that I personally don't like (it will be the first MOTUC figure I'll pass). But I might begin to pass even figures that I like and that are not produced properly... Now, this got me to wonder what are Gygor's articulations, and if the next large scale figures will be so poorly designed.

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    A great review as always, PD. Thanks!

    I still want a Tytus, but I have to admit that I am not as psyched for him as I thought i'd be. Maybe the inevitable release of Megator to stand opposite will make me like him more?

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    I struggle with one main point. but before I get to that, I have to clarify some things.

    1. articulation is a downer. It basically looks like we are getting a 200x figure, with elbow articulation. at that is sort of depressing. I understand why they used cheeper method to make, but if we are paying more, shouldn't we get the quality? BUTT, i do have some marvel legends 12 inches that are made with the heavier plastics, and it doesn't make them better. it actually makes them harder to move, and easier to tip over.. so again, i see the reasons.
    this doesnt justify: head joint, and the arm strength. they MUST have tested figures before finalizing, and they would have seen this. basically i think that they said "we are cutting corners, so we might as well cut them all..

    2.I have no connection to him. I have no idea who he is, or why he is so special. and i mean that in the sense, i dont care. if the figure is "worth" buying to me, i always will. i have random DC toys i have no idea ANYTHING about the "character" but if i like that figure, i like that figure.... this one, doesnt "get me like that"

    3. for some collectors, it seems to be lumped in the "12 inch always are crappy and cheaper" group. this almost is ALWAYS true. joint strenght, plastic weight, and detail is why 7 inches has been most of what figures have been made for the past 20 years. (maybe more) there is a reason for that madness.

    my final point would be this. I look at the comparison. as far as price point goes, obviously i am comparing this to battle cat, and to gygor.

    this one, at a higher price than battlecat, fails on every level that BC set for us. on the other hand, (i was at c2e2) and i finally saw Gygor. I am not a "fan" of the character, but i think he is TOTALLY worth his price point. he TOWERS over figures also, and looks GREATly sculpted. Its sad to say but the fan in me, which would rather have a tytus more than gygor is not going to beat out the toyfan in me, which thinks that tytus (unless i was to keep him IN THE BOX and displayed) is not worth it, and Gygor would be a better addition.

    again, GREAT REVIEW THOUGH. thank you for being honest with everything about the figures!!

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    Great review like always. I'm surprised how Tytus really towers over the classics figures. I understand how some articulation has to be sacrificed by the size of the figure. I do get that, but I feel a little gypped at what I'm getting.

    I would have preferred a little more for my $$. An extra weapon or something would have satisfied me. Still, I'm going to end buying him anyway.

    I hope there's more to Megator.
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    To me, the size of this figure and look are impressive. But that's it. It's unacceptible to me that a figure that's upscaled is downscaled on the overall value of the figure itself. Aside from cheaping out, i can't see a reason to replace the current level of articulation, even in large scaled figures, with what Tytus has. The head, ok i can understand that. Maybe even the ankles...i'm not sure of the overall weight of this guy. But not even being able to raise the arms outward to me is just dumb.

    I'm glad i'm not reviewing these guys anymore...i'd get bashed for how harsh my review of him would be LOL...

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    Although this is one figure which I can't call an improvement over the original (simply because the vintage one was so cool and massive), he's still a nice figure with an awesome sculpt imo. Sure the articulation could be better, but there is also a postive side to that: a better scupt. The body looks way better without the ab crunch for instance. Overall he is not one of the figures that have impressed me the most (like Teela...she's so beautiful...) but still a figure I am keeping my fingers crossed that I won't miss on the 17th.

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    6,837, I'm really putting down a lot of money just because I want Megator to have someone to fight. I won't be able to do anything fun with this guy! I'll barely be able to set him up in any poses for jokes...he'll just stand there. I still think I could rig him to do something, but he sure is majorly boring. He looks like a normal guy, his armor isn't interesting, his weapons is completely useless. Gah! I still don't know if I want to skip him or not, though he sure has a lot working against him.

    Back in the day that articulation would have been normal! I guess I've been spoiled. On top of that, I don't play with figures the way I used to. Back then all this articulation would have just gotten in the way, but now it's part of playing with the figure; ya know, putting him in poses and whatnot. I was really hoping he's be able to kneel down and punch folks on the ground. How awesome would that be to have him totally punching someone in the face? That'd pound 'em into the ground! Now, though, Tytus just looses all his potential. He's got more articulation than a staction but is pretty much just as useable as one.
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    Great review. Can Tytus's armor be swapped out with the other Masters figures?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Dan View Post
    Yeah, the articulation is indeed a let down. I'm happy to own a Tytus, for sure. But it sucks that he can't really be posed much, and his weapon isn't held too well since his arm keeps falling.
    yeah the lack of articulation especially lacking the ability to look down really hurts. i will still buy one but prob not 2.

    someone else said he did have a ball jointed head like the others. does he =just have limited motion or is it really just a cut joint head swivel?

    ankles, head motion and a better range of motion in his arms would have been great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Dan View Post
    BTW guys, I'm serious about his weapon possibly scratching paint. After filming, I noticed that my Hordak has big scratches of paint missing on the back of his cowl now. So, be careful with it!
    When i received my Hordak last year when he was released. Simple fix Dan, take some Testors flat black pant and touch up the spot. You cant even tell that you added the paint, worked wonders for my Hordak.
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    This is PD's Stage here, Great Review By the Way...but I want to chime in for a moment. I don't think that the video does a great deal to show off how great he looks. I am not speaking about Dan's video, I am talking about a Camcorder vs a Digital Camera. Here are a few high res shots. The articulation for me was not an issue once I got to see how sweet he is in person. I think Mattel and the 4H have done a EXCELLENT Job!

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    Great video review as always Dan! I am definitely looking forward to buying him, as I am probably the biggest Tytus fan as you know.
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    Fantastic review Dan! I definitely still like the figure as I already had an idea how the articulation was going to be once they said he was going to be roto-cast.

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    Nice review as always! My only fear with Tytus is that he is going to take up a ton of storage space!!! It's worth it though!!!

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    What, no ball jointed shoulders?!?

    Otherwise a great review.. again!
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    Wow, Tytus has Ultimate Warrior-like muscles and veins lookin all roided up!
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    As always, great job, Dan. The new intro is fantastic.

    Tytus looks amazing and I can't wait to get him later this month. Thanks.
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    Dan is it me, or do u have the shadows of the 3 towers / Eternia playset in the background to the left of grayskull? Great review. SO indecisive now... I like the sculpt, except for the feet... look odd to me. The shoulders bum me out... needs an ax or a sword... cuz the vacuum sucks.... haha snort, snort!!!
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    Dan the Man, killed it as always! Thanks for always addressing what we want to know!

    Man, ball jointed shoulders and heads are EASY to do with Roto. I wasn't surprised we lost the bicep articulation, nor did I care. But man losing the shoulder movement makes him really 80's. Very disappointed but his size first, and now the movement.

    I feel like Mattel could have gotten away with taking away some articulation, and making him a little smaller. But if you are going to take away that much articulation he ought to be huge! The flipside of course being if he was smaller give us articulation.

    It just feels like almost every corner got cut with him other than his sculpt and paint app, and yet he costs a premium.

    Oh well, I will still be a happy He fan when he arrives (if I am able to actually get something before it sells out this month) but would have liked to see a bit better value.

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    Excellent review Dan. The new intro is amazing!!

    I understand the lack of articulation. Vintage figures didn't have much articulation either. But, how can a giant fight against smaller enemies if he can't look down?!?! That does not make sense.

    I guess I can live with that, but the fact that the weapon is too heavy for his arm, that is my major disappointment. Dan, is there a way to position the weapon so he grabs it with both hands?
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    Yeah love the new intro and another great review Pixel Dan!

    It does suck he doesn't have any ball joints and a softer plastic on the inside of the weapon would've made sense. Maybe on a re-relaese? (Half-joking there...)
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