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    BLADE in the MOTUC

    I'm NOT talking about "SMASH BLADE..." anything here!

    The character BLADE, who appeared in the '87 film, was one of the few lucky ones that actually got a figure in the vintage toyline.

    I've always been one who preferred the human characters, and I've always had alot of fondness for Tri-Klops, Evil Lyn, and Jitsu for their presence in the villain camp.

    While that 80's figure was definitely awesome for it's day, I am really anxious to see how the MOTUC will handle him. BLADE is always in my personal "Top 10" for the MOTUC, but I'm in a minority here on the org. I'm fearful he may be one of the last figures we see joining the new line.

    What do you think about him? Is there any fan support out there for this character?

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