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Thread: BLADE in the MOTUC

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott metzger View Post
    Folks just figure that they shouldn't have to complete the paint job after paying $30 bucks for the figure...

    Still, it was driven home to me over the weekend that this isn't a Mattel problem. I founf the new wave of Turtles, and was immediately struck by the dollar store quality paint jobs. Mutagen man had a mass of organs in the middle of a clear tank that is basically one solid color (and not even an organ-y color) with a couple blobs of white paint to pass for eyes; they didn't even bother with pupils. It's really bad when the back of the card shows the character from the toon, and it's obvious from that just how badly they did. Haven't opened Casey Jones yet, but he's worse; apparently, they didn't even finish painting the details on the back that carry over from the front. I've seen that on Chap Mei generic, dolar store aimed figures, but it's pretty bad in a major and successful retail line.

    Point is, it's a spreading problem, not just Mattel's. That's not excusing it, mind you; it cheapens the toys immensely, and, in Mattel's case, is quite egregious in a collector's line where a premium price is being paid. I know it's likely the result of not increasing prices this year, but I also have to point out that Mattel has a long history of charging more than similar/comparable products from other companies just about across the board...
    The difference between what Playmates is doing- limiting paint ops to hit a retail price point- and what Matty is doing- limiting paint ops even though they are already charging a premium- seems like night and day. Hitting a retail price point is a delicate science, whereas an "Adult Collector" line only sold online and at a premium price is an apples/oranges comparison. One is governed by big box stores almost primarily and the other by an arbitrary number designated by the whim of Matty.

    It's slightly unfair to compare a line where the price is much more governed by what the collector market will bear vs. hitting a price that mom is more comfortable with as an impulse buy. Sure Matty produces far less MOTUC than Playmates does TMNT; therefore, the price vs. paint ops debate becomes a wash when you consider higher numbers means lower price on the production end, but I still don't see a 1/1 implying the entire industry is being forced to lower quality and paint ops. Matty is much less hampered by this 'need' because they set the price free of the considerations of big box. If fans want more paint ops they pay for them- simple Simon. Matty just needs to stop telling us they are going to keep the paint ops at the highest number and quality only to take this 'perk' away later.
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    Dear Scott,

    A Duel is a fight between two participants (usually involving swords or pistols). The word Dual refers to two of something. QC you bios better please so I can "keep reading them" and not cringe.

    Thank you.
    Take it easy,

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    He just needs a new bio in general. This one makes it sound like Skeletor first hires him as help in the SUB, and he later goes on the Cosmic Key mission to Earth. Scott has already verified that the events of the 1987 movie take place while Skeletor is ruling Eternia and the renegade Masters have gone underground (before the SUB). This bio is just confusing.
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