View Poll Results: Can Adam change Spirit into Swift Wind?

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  • No, Spirit stays as a horse and he becomes He-man

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Thread: Can Adam change Spirit into Swift Wind?

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    Can Adam change Spirit into Swift Wind?

    These questions have always bothered me, in a good way, so here it is:

    Can Adam change Spirit into Swift Wind?


    Can Adora change Cringer into Battle Cat?

    I voted Yes.

    They both change mostly in the same way(Adam/Adora) and they aim their swords at their respective mount. They both get their power from Greyskull(King/Castle). And this would be good help to Adora when her brother went off to the NA storyline. Think about it Adora transforms Spirit 1st for air support then change Cringer to cover any enemies on the ground plus she has to Protect both Eternia and Etheria by that point and time. Then there is when they are seperated from their respective mount and need to get to the battle ground fast and on foot is not an option.

    So what is your opinion on this matter? I am also going to leave a link here for a thread for a reverse on the matter:

    Can Adora change Cringer into Battle Cat?

    If this has already been dicussed the mods have the right to merge or delete this thread/poll.
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