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Thread: Answers to WTFWTK 2.37!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    The Meteorbs aren't so big on these boards. I guess Mattel's attitude toward them is reflected by the number of Meteorb threads on the forums. It's a good call, at least until Ram Man and Cringer come out.
    Seems like its the Goldilocks treatment for fan demanded MOTU characters ...

    The TOO HOT figures (Sorceress, Ram Man, King Hsss, Man-E, Cringer) get delayed (held to ransom ) ...

    The TOO COLD figures (Meteorbs, NA humans) get delayed ('til 2017) ...

    In MOTUC world I guess it pays to be a JUST RIGHT figure!

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    Some interesting answers, here...

    About the Meteorbs : I guess we won't see them before 2015 or 2016, if ever... I thought they might release them around Easter (they all had that meteor/egg shape) in a couple of years. I would like to see how the 4 Horsemen would redesign them...

    Snakemen's "hingeable" jaws : Hmmm... we'll have to wait to see how the 4 Horsemen will sculpt them. I really hope Rattlor, Hiss and Kobra Khan will have "hingeable", moving jaws. That would be cool ! Trap Jaw has it... I guess they could have it too, so they could "bite" with these venomous fangs... I hope we can trust the 4 Horsemen. So far, they ALWAYS did an outstanding and excellent job with the sculpts, and that's what makes the success of this line. Lord willing, we might have good news about this issue at SDCC...

    About shipping costs : same crud as usual ! Mattel is "looking" into it, but nothing on the horizon !

    Regarding King Grayskull and the other 200x character that will be released by the end of the year : I don't know who will get that special shield, but I hope the other 200X character is Chief Carnivus ! Always loved that character !

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoViEfReAk View Post
    We all know they still have the 200x molds. So when I asked that question I meant Three-Packs with one He-Man from every era or a Skeletor or Man-At-Arms and so on...
    nice idea.
    yeaaaahh ..... but then that happened...

    THESE TRADERS HAVE THE POWER !!! - Thanks guys!

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    Well then, I can't wait for SDCC!!!

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