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Thread: Why, Whitney, why?!

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    Why, Whitney, why?!

    Why the hell did she go on tour again?!

    She is but a mere shadow of her former self,
    hell, not even that much, she can't sing anymore!
    She should never have went on this tour, but have
    let us remember her, as she was in her prime;
    the best freaking singer in the World!
    This tour is an abomination, it's down right em-
    barresing. Can't she see that?! Or is she really
    that conceited and narcissistic ... or high?!
    If not, she must be in serious financial problems,
    to even considder going on tour.

    I have a couple of friends, who is going to see her
    when she come to CPH, they wanted me to join
    them, now I'm happy I didn't buy a ticket ... damn!

    These two clips are live from Brisbane, AUS, in 2010,
    there are several other clips where these came from!

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    I'll say it. Drugs are taking their toll on her. She's no longer young and she keeps using no matter what anybody says. It's only a matter of time now and even if she cleans up, the damage is done.
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    I dont think it is just the drugs and stuff. I think that the OP is right. In her prime, she was one of the best (if not the best) ever. there will be a peak. and there will be a downhill.

    this is not a way she should want to be remembered. (let alone all of the drug and random stuff)

    she should dissapear, so her name remains iconic. more of this, and people won't care to remember the whitney of old.

    this is what they will remember her by. and with all of the media/social sites and what not. there will be more fandom about her being crappy, than at one point there was good.

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    Oh nonsense! Aretha can still belt it out now, just as she could forty years ago. So can Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle and all three of them have been around longer than Whitney. I don't know if it's just the drugs, but I'm sure they play a part. Otherwise, she's just phoning it in, which is not quite as bad, but still horrendous!

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    These clips and her recent appearances are both hilarious and sad. She could have been a legend, now she's destroyed herself with drugs. Good job.
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    She was on one show I was watching dancing with the stars or something like that. This is when she was making her "come back." it was just awful.

    The drugs have taken their toll on her voice, strength etc. And as much as I wish she could make a comeback like Brit did cause lets face it Whitney had an amazing voice, she threw away her talent. A part of me feels bad for her, but then again another part of me believes she did this to herself.
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    I see these videos and I find it sad. Seeing all that Clive Davis did to help her and she goes back to using. I saw let her continue to use. She'll probably become one of the Celeb trifecta!
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    Take note Whitney. This is how it's done. j/k

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    As an 80s music junkie, I LOVE her hits:

    • How Will I Know
    • I Wanna Dance With Somebody
    • So Emotional
    • Didn't We Almost Have it All
    • The Greatest Love of All
    • Savin' All My Love For You
    • One Moment in Time

    I don't wanna even watch any of these clips in this thread cause I wanna remember her voice the way it was---so powerful and vibrant.

    I do love Kathy Griffin's jokes about her in her stand-ups on Bravo, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mer-Man's Minion View Post

    I don't wanna even watch any of these clips in this thread cause I wanna remember her voice the way it was---so powerful and vibrant.
    Its so sad to think she was so good and threw it all away. The clips destory it thats for sure. You want to get the memory alive.
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