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Thread: Horde Troopers Are Sold Out - Contacting Mattel to make more

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    Horde Troopers Are Sold Out - Contacting Mattel to make more

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    Im friggin sad now....... the most anticipated figure for me and as I was checking out POOF! gone
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    So dissapointed. I had them in my cart, I was all set, then boom, my card auth failed. Sad penguin
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    Let it begin!

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    Can't believe how fast that was. Reminds me of the old days. I didn't want them but I hope that over time, people who bought way too many re-sell so everyone can get them. If I ever come across a loose one at a dealer's table, I'd probably pick one up just to have one of every vintage fig.

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    Damn that was fast! I just managed to snag mine, I guess, along with Mantenna.
    I'm thinking about selling one of the HT's. I may feel differently when they arrive!

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    Oops...we posted the same thread at about the same time.

    As I said in the other thread, it would be cool if Mattel made the Horde Troopers an "evergreen" item, because I KNOW these would sell well throughout the year. Not only do people LOVE army building the Horde Troopers, but since you can put other heads on them (He-Man, Hordak, etc), people will want even more. I think they would sell fantastically.
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    I wanted to get another set of horde troopers but I wanted to avoid the WSOD. So I waited to order the weapons pack and a set of horde troopers because I didn't want to pay extra for shipping. But they were gone by the time I logged in. It amazes me that they sold out this quickly. I really thought they were going to last a lot longer.

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    Sucks for those that missed out. >_<

    I managed to get some 2 sets for myself. I'd definitely pick more up throughout the year if they were available all the time.

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    Holy hannah am I glad I remembered. I was at work, and about to go help one of my employees with a problem when I realized it was 12:02. I ran back to my desk, popped onto IE, pulle dup Matty, and checked out in less than 2 minutes. Got no white screen and got my confirmation immediately!

    Sucks for so many others, but I'm glad I've got my 8 Horde Troopers I promised myself I'd get in 2009 if we ever got this far.

    3 Subs in 2013 paid off for me! I'm glad Scott made that little announcement during the sub drive about this pack. If it was anyone but the Horde Troopers, I would've felt very misled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J-West View Post
    So dissapointed. I had them in my cart, I was all set, then boom, my card auth failed. Sad penguin
    Exactly the same for me, then when I tried to rebuy with another card "service unavailable"
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    Um, what just happened?? Is this 2009 all over again? Hahaha...
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    I hope this was the first 'wave' and that more waves will come really soon.

    I'm sad now... sad and disappointed
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    here we go let the hate begin I'm kinda upset, but I'll live with the money in my pocket Rather than mattys who knew darn well that they should have made more than they obviously did. Time to go into another run IMMEDIATELY evergreen was the way to go ESPECIALLY on these figures more than any other possible army builder out there.. oh thanks to my sub I should still be getting these guys just not near as many as I wanted...

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    I really hope they are reissue sometime in the future, I wanted two extras...
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    I got mine but I wouldn't mind getting a few more down the road, once Grayskull is paid for

    I sure hope the offer them again.
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    Got one in my sub at least but really wanted another set

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    Guess Mattel greatly underestimated their popularity....
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    Scott mentioned they would have plenty ..hahahahahah ok there!!!

    these have been talked about for years.. and people mentioning they would buys 10-15 to build armies.. how is it sold out so fast.. that makes no sense at al.. ebay.. 200.00 for a set.. i hear the bell ringing
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    If I could sell collection right now it would be gone. The stupid site kept logging me out for some reason. Had em in cart and then bam gone. I'm tired of this.
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    Horde Troopers and more dissappointment for the fans....

    Well, here we go again.... had some Horde Troopers in the cart along with Mantenna and Lord Dactus at 9:08 AM. I get all the way through the process and hit confirm and it says "please remove Horde Troopers from the cart as they are out of stock.

    I don't know why I should be surprised given all the grief that we've had with Digital River and Matty technical issues, but we are talking about the quintessential Horde Trooper figure here. An addition to the line that has been sought after from the beginning and arguably one of the most popular in the entire line. That Mattel couldn't see making enough day of sale stock to last even 8 minutes is frankly, unsurprisingly and yet still bafflingly pathetic.

    Fortunately, we all will get Horde Trooper with our subs, but for those without a sub or interested in army building... once again, Mattel disappoints. One can only hope that they would see clear to do a second run of Troopers as we know they would sell out again. But, alas... we all know this is not going to happen.

    If it weren't for all the frustrations and debacles (technical, quantity allotment, and quality issues) over the years, I imagine there wouldn't be the kind of nail-biting stress, hoping enough people sign up just to keep the line alive e.g 2013, 2014, 2015 and beyond.

    Very disappointing..... I really feel for those who missed out on Horde Trooper altogether. We're just about to enter the Christmas season and to not have enough stock made to last through Christmas, let alone past 8 minutes on day of sale, is pretty sad. .... and it is unfortunately that much more loss of profit opportunity for Mattel and a bitter pill to swallow in the mouth of fans, neither of which help the longevity of the line.

    Well, I guess that's it for this rant... I imagine I'm not alone in these sentiments.

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    I got my 10 sets.

    Remember, they keep an allocation for defectives. They will come back again. Just be vigilant. Just hope they don't pull a Grayskullman and throw them in on Cyber Monday.

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    I bet that this is the one time that Mattel goes back and creates another production run. Not only did a lot of people not get their Troopers today, but I bet that even more folks who did will want to order more once they get them in had.

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    had trouble getting through Matty's system then bam, told to reduce my order number. Then lost all my Troopers plus the extra Hordak I wanted. Refused to let me order more. Then it says sold out. So glad I get 4 with the subscription but wanted an army to surpass my Palace Guard and Snake Men armies.

    Hope Toyguru sees the demand and does another run for sale!
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