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Thread: Three Beast in MOTUC

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    Three Beast in MOTUC

    If Castle Grayskullman didnt win the CAC contest, I hope that Three Beast would have won it. I really like the look of him, a great combination of all sorts of elements from motu. Seems totally creepy and his ability to turn you into one of his slaves and control you is an awesome power. It seems to me that he can control 3 people at once, with the creature on his face, chest and arm. In regards to making this figure, the are alot of reused parts from basic motuc parts and a new head with 3 removable creatures to turn people to slaves.
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    Major Header was the best of the designs. That being said, Three beast was pretty cool. I'd accept him. However I feel like runners up shouldnt really get figures. They didnt win.

    But if they made any of the runners up, Three beast would be cool. IF they made him after Major Header. Heheh

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    Three Beast is easily my favorite of the C-A-C runner-ups.

    I'd love to see him make it into the MOTUC line!! He and Bubblor are the only two I care to see immortalized in plastic.
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    I so want a Three Beast. 'm buying some figures to try and have a custom made of him.
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    The more evil the more fun, add him to any evil force and I shall buy. Meaning I want him added to MOYUC line.
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    I'd love Three Beast and really, any of the new characters seen in the comic.
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