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Thread: Checking assumptions on Collector's Classics and Filmation subs

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    Checking assumptions on Collector's Classics and Filmation subs

    Okay, so unless I missed something somewhere, the CC sub is up now, but the details on the Filmation sub are "coming weeks" away, so I'm assuming we're going to have to sub separately (as it sounds like Filmation sub times and CC sub times aren't going to overlap). Now I'm also somewhat assuming that, with two six figure subs, that they are going to alternate months, likely for two reasons:
    1. It means there's a figure out every month, so there's a continuous flow of product and something to put on Matty every month.
    2. It means there would be no way to practically combine subs shipping alternate months and Matty can charge more for shipping (I'd wager the same winds up being true for the three times a year option; the months will still not coincide).

    Am I missing anything? No reason whatsoever to hold off and see if the Filmation sub comes up before the CC club deadline?
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    The alternating months were confirmed at announcement, I believe. So, yes, no reason to hold off subbing that I can see.
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    I would agree with your assumptions. I was expecting they were not selling the Collector's and Filmation subs at the same time so that they wouldn't eat into each others' sales as some may have to choose between one or the other if they had to order both now. Not sure about any combined shipping but I wouldn't hold off on buying a Collector's sub assuming that later on they are going to offer a combined shipping option.
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    If you want combined shipping from the get go on a triple ship per year sub you will need to wait until the Filmation sub is up. However if you plan to have your figures shipped Bi-monthly it won't make any difference. By the time we get to months where products overlap (sub exclusive and semi-annual oversized items) the subs will have automatically combined by then anyway.

    So yeah unless your planning to do the 3 times per year shipping there is no reason not to order. I'm waiting it out though until the last minute as I'm in no rush to have the $25 charge on my card for that awful sub exclusive! I'll probably order at the end of the first week of August more than likely.
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