For some reason I think the 200x MOTUC characters are cool in their own right, but they just don't seem to fit in my collection or in my idea of what my collection should look like. I was born in 1985 and loved the vintage toys, cartoon, comic, and story line and then the new adventures came out when I was growing up and I liked most of those character and collected those figures as a kid. I never got into the 200x series or characters like Keldor, Count Marzo, Zodak, etc. Some of the back stories and sculpts are neat, but I am definately going to pass on EVERY 200x character. The only one I was on the fence about was King Grayskull and I really don't like the idea of him looking so much like He-Man even though he has a cool back story. I told myself the only way I would purchase him is if his re-issue comming out is hands down way better then the first release. A positive is at least having the 200x characters in the line makes it so I don't have to buy every figure every month. I am happy with my collection looking very VINTAGE with all the characters I remember growing up with.