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  • Tri-Klops

    25 23.81%
  • Snake Face

    25 23.81%
  • Mantenna

    12 11.43%
  • Optikk

    43 40.95%
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Thread: MOTU "EVIL" Staring Contest

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    Optikk doesnt blink, as far as I'm concerned, so he couldnt loose.

    Triclops is a close second as that's not even his real eyes. His eyes would dry out last at any rate, even if Optikk DIdnt blink. Does Triclops even have eyes?

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    I voted for Snakeface. The Snakemen always win in my MOTU-verse.
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    I voted for Tri-Klops (just 'cause I like him a lot).

    Would've voted for Skeletor, had he been on the poll. Seriously, ol' skullhead's never blinked once. ;b

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    i dont think optikk can blink.
    Maybe he can somehow shut his iris/pupil like in some cartoons?

    Good thing Black Mage ain't here.
    Black Mage: Big eyes are made for stabbin'!

    BM would have a field day in this one.

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    He's my least favorite of the characters, but based on their powers, Snake Face would win this one hands down.

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    Nothing like a wonderfully ridiculous poll on a Sunday morning

    I think Snake Face would have too many snakes wriggling around to hold a stare.
    For a while I wanted to go with Tri-Klops, but I think he'd have to blink sooner or later.
    Mantenna... maybe... Dunno, not going with him cos he's always seemed a bit of a goof (and was never really one of my favourite characters).
    So I've gone with Optikk. And hey, as others have said, he has no eyelids!! (Which makes his "real name" on his bio a bit curious!! )
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