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  • Beast Man

    1 0.49%
  • Mer-Man

    0 0%
  • Webstor

    6 2.91%
  • Optikk

    10 4.85%
  • Teela

    5 2.43%
  • Evil Lyn

    11 5.34%
  • Hordak

    7 3.40%
  • Stratos

    22 10.68%
  • Man at Arms

    1 0.49%
  • Zodac

    11 5.34%
  • Scare Glow

    4 1.94%
  • He-Man

    3 1.46%
  • Faker

    0 0%
  • Randor

    6 2.91%
  • Triklops

    3 1.46%
  • Trapjaw

    0 0%
  • Skeletor

    0 0%
  • She-ra

    12 5.83%
  • Keldor

    5 2.43%
  • Tytus

    30 14.56%
  • Whiplash

    3 1.46%
  • Orko

    5 2.43%
  • Adora

    4 1.94%
  • Adam

    6 2.91%
  • other

    51 24.76%
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Thread: Who has been the most dissapointing Classic thus far?

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    Evil Warlock Maestro's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    I voted for Tytus. I also wish I could have voted for both Stratos and Webstor.

    Even though he wasn't on the poll, Chief Carnivus is my new least favorite. If his fur was tan instead of orange it would have helped a lot.

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    Council Elder Darkspecter's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Ontario, Canada
    I'm SHOCKED that Tytus is in the lead for most disappointing!

    I wish he had a little more articulation...mainly the shoulders, but I think he's awesome!

    If I could vote for two, it would be Stratos and Zodac. I've said that since they were both shown!

    Zodac: Pretty bland looking, comes with a pistol. Nothing too exciting.
    Stratos: Decent-looking, wings on wrong...NO accessories! Unable to hold weapons. Needs the Staff of Avion or the egg that gives them flight.

    *glares* at those who voted for the women!
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    Heroic Tough Guy Colton's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Thought about it ... but honestly i can´t pick one ....
    Not that i like all Motuc the same way ... but ...
    There´s no one that i bought with an hyper feeling to get him and ended up with a disappointing piece of plastic in my hand

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    Hungry for Hunga! Scorpia's Avatar
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    Feb 2000
    Moss Man for me- but he's not on the list! So I voted 'other'.

    The prototype we saw aw SDCC 09 looked amazing, but the figure didn't translate IMO. I'm glad they de-flocked the ears and gave him the vintage moss style, but the general aesthetics disappointed me.

    Next up would be Randor and He-Ro.
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    Heroic Warrior gorby's Avatar
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    For me it's the Green Goddess. The bobble head and brittle plastic kills me. Very disappointing.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jul 2009

    The Great Green Bobble Head

    Seriously... The worst figure by far is The Green Goddess. Her Bobble head drives me crazy other than that she would be awesome.

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    Clown Prince of Darkness Benedict Judas Hel's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    *glares* at those who voted for the women!
    Careful, D-spectre. You might scare me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    *glares* at those who voted for the women!
    Well, I'm glad you can glare because glaring is something the MOTUC females can't do. They can't hold their head in one position long enough to glare at anything.

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    Quester JonWes's Avatar
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    Feb 2002
    Zodac. I like the figure itself, but the gun accessory that doesn't stay in the hand well is annoying.
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    Ghost In The Machine Staff Of Ka's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    I will only Vote for figures I have actually bought and opened, so i voted for Tri Klops (yawn)

    If Mo-larr had been on the list I may have broken my own rule! waste of Plastic!
    Drowning in a Sea of Plastic.

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    Heroic Warrior RocketPunch's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Tytus by a mile.

    I will not buy the other giants if they end up as badly undersized & underarticulated as he did.

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    Heroic Warrior SAMURAI36's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Chicago (The Actual City)
    For me, it was orko. Very uninspiring design. It basically just looks like a hat and a shirt with an "O" on it.

    I'm looking forward to the 200X version to come along soon.

    As for honorable mentions:

    I didn't care for Evil Lyn's jaundice look either.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jun 2010
    My vote goes to Optikk.

    I could care less if any more of the NA figures are released. Never was a big fan of those.


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    Human... Robot... Maniac Spacedust's Avatar
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    I think there's already an existing thread on this, but either way...

    I'm torn between Stratos and Zodac.

    As with all of his incarnations, Stratos should be cool, but he just seems kinda... I dunno, doesn't really work IMO. As I've said in countless threads (both vintage and new), his drab grey colour does him no favours - I'd much rather see him in the silvery blue of his boxart (and some other appearances, such as the UK Ladybird books).

    Zodac... I know some may disagree with me on this. But just doesn't do much for me. I mean, I know in terms of concept he's a cool character (though in my "Universe" Skeletor turned him Evil, to bring him into line with his original vintage status), but in terms of a figure, I'm gonna say it, I find him pretty boring to be honest.

    I'm surprised I've gone for these two, as the early, original two waves are where my heart lies. But even some of the later characters that I don't really care about, make better figures that these guys IMO.

    Between the two... I think Zodac gets my vote. Stratos just escapes my nomination because I desperately want to like him.
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    Ravage ThunderCat blackiecats's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by dedset13 View Post
    My vote goes to Webstor.

    Even though I do think the figure is awesome, I wish his extra limbs could be removed without taking his armor off.
    Ditto. Same reason I voted him.

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    Heroic Warrior Mern-Ra's Avatar
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    BOW if the rumor is true.
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    Heroic Warrior Steph's Avatar
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    Webstor. After the awesome staction version, i was hoping the MOTUC version would lean a bit more 200x on him cause I really wanted and action figure version of him. Too puffy and smooth; almost looks like a kiddifed spiderman in my eyes.

    Second would be Mossman, Never got a true MYP version of him in the 200x line (he had to be a flocked beastman), and in the classics, they skimped on parts that could have made him both vintage and 200x (clip on shinguards and removable mantle).

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    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Arkangel's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    i cannot begin to understand the amount of negativity towards stratos the figure is perfect and highly detailed, i remember watching them before the line kick-started and my thought was that he had to be the best!

    That was until i saw merman

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    Widget Wrestler Mr. Shokoti's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkangel View Post
    i cannot begin to understand the amount of negativity towards stratos the figure is perfect and highly detailed, i remember watching them before the line kick-started and my thought was that he had to be the best!

    That was until i saw merman
    I agree on both points.



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    Heroic Warrior Paul Justice's Avatar
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    San Diego, CA
    I voted "Other", Wundar was the most disappointing to me.

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    all the figures have been great. we may have expectations of some figures but other than a few disagreements from fans the classics figures all have been good.

    first release of He-Man with red cheeks
    first release of Grayskull
    Zodak not having extra head
    Stratos not being able to hold weapons & sock feet
    Teela no perch for zoar
    Evil Lyn not having extra head
    Webstor the rope on the pack can be a problem
    Moss Man 200x head doesn't look MYP

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    When in doubt, buy toys! KalesDad's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Susanville, CA (Northeastern Mountains)
    I voted "other", cuz it's none of them (so far) imo. Sure, I've passed (and will pass) on a few characters, but not for any sculpting reasons. I don't have a Green Goddess, Webstor, Zodak, Scareglow, Optikk, or Count Marzo, and I'm passing on Carnivous and Gygor, just due to no real connection to/knowledge of those characters (just recently picked up a He-ro as my view on him has changed in his favor, lol).

    Later, if my Son decides he wants those guys (as he'll be watching both series'), I'll pick 'em up, no bones about it.
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    pepto bismol enthusiast Impulse's Avatar
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    Randor. I feel like I should be asking the Burger King for a Whopper and Some onion rings with the zesty sauce. Maybe they should put a drive thru in at the ol Castle Grayskull so even Skeletor can have it his way.

    Really wish they woulda went with a different body for him, 200X all the way on him.

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    Heroic Warrior SLO-MAN's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    For me Buzz-Off. A real shame, because the body itself is really awesome, but that ridiculous vintage head just kills the figure for me.
    Not looking forward to him at all.
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    Heroic Warrior King Criss79's Avatar
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    I have to say Hordak.It hurts me to say because Hordak was one of my favorite vintage characters. I just don't like the face sculpt. .eyes are too small,colors too dark . . doesn't do it for me.

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