Just got my set in the mail and I love it, I really don't see what all the complaints have been about! I like the packaging, I mean the series was originally aimed towards little girls so the notebook style doesn't bother me I actually appreciate the 80's style they chose. The stickers are great, the iron-on is cool looking. I love the reflective backgrounds, especially on the binder, its going to look cool sitting on the shelf with the other MOTU and POP sets. Yeah the discs only have she-ra on them, but whatever she is the star of the show and how much time do you spend looking at the discs when they aren't in the case or player anyways? The menus are alright, not bad, I actually kinda like'em. And yeah they dont have the trivia, episode reviews or bonus facts, but James' Unofficial She-Ra Guide will have all that stuff so that's no problem.

All in all a great set, and for only $60 I dont think anyone should sleep on it, even if it does eventually go down in price. I mean if everyone waits to buy it then it might not be around for long, like with the BCI sets. Just my opinion though, please dont anyone think I'm talking directly about or to them.