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Thread: what is the funniest way someone has described you?

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    what is the funniest way someone has described you?

    One of my co-workers today told me how he described me to his wife ( I am with co-workers more then my own family, we are union brothers and build elevators side by side so we get to know each other very well) He said this "well he looks like a biker that would rip your head off but he's a total geek" as seen pictures of my collections and customs, is subjected to my toy talks etc... I really don't consider myself a geek but...................... ah what the hell.................... I am a geek!

    I have also been called a fridge with a head, beast-mode, and big boy!

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    "The big guy with the Beatles haircut" and "Benny" (referring to my genuine resemblance to British comedienne Benny Hill) are about the best; most references involve my breadth and longer hair, but rarely in an imaginative or humorous way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stormtripper View Post
    what is the funniest way someone has described you?
    With semaphore...
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