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Also, the farm more than likely has a fence around it. Granted if a walker was to hear and smell stuff going on, they may make a better effort to get across the fence. Other than that I would say the walker is more inclined to come across a fence and follow it as opposed to making an effort to cross it. In one of the comics they get into the "herds" and how when they hear a gunshot far away they don't focus on the gunshot and try to get where they think it came from, but rather it tends to point them in that general direction. Other sounds, a nearby walker stepping and breaking a stick could have the same effect. Small variations in the direction.
Yeah Hershel told them there was a fence surrounding the farm which is why they considered themselves "safe" compared to the town or other areas.

Is it just me or does Andrea's character seem very very different from the comics? In the comics she was basically in love with Dale, still wears his hat, enjoys alone time in a tower with a sniper rifle. To me she seems like a passive person who just goes with the flow. In the show she just seems like a ****** off person who wants to start **** with people. I wonder if she will wear the hat????
Nope its not just you, they are very different characters. At times in the first season it seemed like she was going to be like the comic but then the more she was influenced by Shane I think they had better chemistry so I can see why that idea was scrubbed.