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Although she wasn't a very likable character in the first two seasons, I kind of felt bad for Lori in this episode. She was trying to make things right, but Rick was having none it.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say they need the fans to like her to have a better impact when (if) she dies off.

I really liked the episode. I went back and watched season one and some of season 2 and I've found a lot of inaccuracies. Most of which have been stated before, but wasn't answered until later. ie, dead people in cars that stayed dead.

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I thought this was cool. I was watching the second season and when Daryl gets the meds from his motorcycle for T-Dawg, he says it was Merle's stash....had blue crystal meth in it.

Googled it was definitely a reference to Breaking Bad