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Thread: Holloway suspect sought in Peru killing

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    Holloway suspect sought in Peru killing

    WOW, it only took for him to murder again before they actually issue an arrest warrant.

    And he was actually caught on tape saying he was with Natalee Holloway when she "died" and he asked one of his buddies to dump her body into the sea. What' s wrong with those judges who refused to issue a warrant for the 2005 murder after they heard that tape , are they freaking dumb?

    Now he's the last person to be seen with this Stephany Flores, can someone say "MUDERER"

    They really should look into his past travels and see if there were anymore girls who were murdered in the area that he visited.

    Surely I hope they will catch him and justice will be served to him in a Peruvian prison.

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    He will burn in HELL!

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