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Thread: J-Lo 45 today

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    J-Lo 45 today

    She doesn't seem to suffer much mid life crisis.....not been very lucky in the love department , though.
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    and HOT as ever.. i remember when i had a small obssession with her back in the day
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    That is one 45 year-old that is hot.
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    Hotter than doughnut grease, as my rowdy friends used to say.
    I had a dream once that I tried to sell her my house in Kansas City. Strangely enough, she did not want it. Ah, well. Dream JLO probably did not have good credit in the real world anyway.
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    Wow!! She still looks great. Not the best singer or actress, but a fantastic dancer and has made some really catchy dance songs. It's nice to see someone older still be relevant and turning it out. I'd much rather see Jlo perform/dance vs Miley.

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