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Thread: Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk

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    Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk

    Yeah, so Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk is a great review series by Suine Hallock for the vintage TMNT line. It features terribly terrific turtle torturing puns galore in the dialog, and very in depth looks into the intricate details of each figure reviewed. But the best part, (that doesn't start until the third episode) is the funny skits performed with the figures at the end of each review, most of them are really fantastic, but all are great.

    Well, Suine hasn't worked on an episode in a couple of years, and I for one really want him to continue. I thought I'd link my playlist for the series, so that you guys could view it to add to the counter, and please like each one, and leave a comment letting him know that you want to see more from this series if you like it. I feel that he may have gotten discouraged by a lack of views and likes, which baffles me because they are so good, and no one has done anything like it for TMNT as far as I can find. Please show him some support! Let's get this old bird off the ground again!

    Fyi, this started as a text and image based review, and later became a video series. The first 15 reviews were the old style, and when he started doing video reviews, he caught the old ones up with video versions, and at the same time started working on new videos. Unfortunately, R2T3 14 and 15 have yet to receive the video revision treatment.

    Here's his playlist embedded. His is in reverse order and it's missing 47 and 66.

    Here's my playlist with all episodes in order that has # 47 and 66. It wouldn't let me embed my list so I just linked it.

    PS The Sewer playset, and the Technodrome are acceptionally fun to watch, especially if you're like me, and you don't have them.

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