I thought it might be nice to have an all-purpose thread for Marvel Universe / Iron Man 2 / etc. figures.

Got Marvel Universe Wave 8 from Hasbro Toy Shop today. I have to say Hasbro really are hitting it out of the park for the most part. There are still some minor disappointments (Kitty and Havok really should have had molded belts) for the most part it's pretty amazing.


I love Archangel. he's such a cool character and his wings are perfect.

Colossus is great, although I do wish they'd start extending the outfit details all the way down. He does have a bit of a gap like Nightcrawler had. Still, maybe it's necessary for the range of motion at the joint. I actually really like Kitty and appreciate her sculpt and the face she doesn't have a generic superheroine face but something more true to the character.

I like this Havok outfit and he looks pretty cool. Again, the only drawback is the belt. At least the energy funnel makes more sense for him than it does Iron Man. I wish the energy effects attached more like the IM2 figures though.


The AIM soldiers are the first army builder figures I bought more than one of. They just look SO cool. The thing I love about MU is all these requested figures we've been getting. The weapons are cool as well.

And then... Juggernaut. I had the ML of this and sold it a year or so back on Ebay. I actually think the MU is better in some ways! I love the bulk, the scuffed paint marks on his helmet and his articulation. An all-around great figure. Plus, he looks cool battling Hulkbuster Iron Man!