JonWes, I am so envious of that Fin Fang Foom. It's the one BAF from ML I really want, and it's so hard to find now. I love your collection! I'm definently getting Crossbones and some of the other Captain America figures, since they don't have as much parts reuse and more unique accessories. I'm looking at getting Crossbones, US Agent, Winter Soldier and possibly Captain Britain (He comes with Excalibur!). Probably getting another Cap as well to replace my floppy-limbed Secret Wars 2-pack one.

I love that the Cap line is mostly comics-based figures. Such a smart move. They have big "launchers" and gimmick accessories for the kids, and then if you strip those off you have a comics-accurate figure for the collectors. Winter soldier even comes with a SHIELD jetpack, very cool. And the Cosmic Cube with Red Skull is of course great. I wish I had the Invaders SDCC set one so I could try a headswap, I hated that he was such a runt (due to the reused Indiana Jones body).

I hope the Cap line lasts for at least 4 waves, like the Iron Man one. I'm hoping to see some more supporting characters and villains we haven't seen in the main line, with the added sculpting and accessory budget. Some of my wants would be:

*Flag-Smasher with mace (they probably can't refer to him as a terrorist anymore, but whatever)
*Baron Zemo II with sword (For my Masters of Evil!)
*Any Serpent Society member (Cobra, Sidewinder... )
*Arnim Zola
*Sin (Red Skull's daughter)
*Sharon Carter

(Man, I wish the Thor toys had a comics subline)

Personally I just got some more villains for my shelf. Since 2-packs are a bit pricey to ship to me, and I have no big interest in the other figures included, I just went ahead and paid close to the full price for just the figures I wanted. Foolish? Perhaps, but I was stung by the poor quality and floppy limbs of the Secret Wars line (Spidey and Cap were terrible).

I have now added Absorbing Man, Piledriver (completed Wrecking Crew), Titanium Man and Electro to my collection!