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Thread: do you think its worth it to buy king grayskull bronze edition??

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    Yea hes worth it
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    Bronze Grayskull is one of three figures that keeps me from saying that I have a 100% complete collection, technically speaking. I'm also missing the original SDCC version, as well as color-changing Orko. I only have the regular Matty re-issue of KG with the orb of power.

    Still, I don't feel that the Bronze KG is worth the current prices. I'm a loose collector, though, so I'm happy enough with the regular KG I have. If I have my info straight, the SDCC version is the exact same figure with a slightly different paint deco, particularly on the cape. I might pick one up at some point if I find a good deal on him but the bronze version is usually too expensive. He's practically priced the same as Castle Grayskull itself, which is way too much for a single MOTUC figure IMO.

    If I really want a statue of KG, I could repaint a re-issue of him instead and save myself a lot of money. That's just me, though...Bronze KG does look neat and I can understand how some would feel that their collections would be incomplete without him.

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    I was able to order four King Grayskull figures during the original DR launch screw up. The one I opened was not a bronze statue maybe one of you lucky people I traded figures to opened yours up and got a bronze beauty.

    At first it didn't really bother me - I didn't even open my sealed figures because I didn't care to have it. Later on I scored a good deal on one and picked it up.

    After having it in my possession I will have to say it is one of my favorite figures. The paint job is pretty cool and the figure is posed differently in the box (has his shield in hand). Part of the allure might be that most people don't have this figure, but I don't feel the same way about my Battle Armor Faker so it has to be more than just his rarity.
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    I paid $75 for a bronze King Grayskull in early 2010 on Ebay, this was back when we weren't expecting much more than ha;f a dozen figures, I also paid almost $50 for the regular orginial release of KG at the same time (matty would post to the UK in those days beacuse of the electronics in the packaging, luckily people on Ebay don't care about Health & Saftey standards )

    My bronze KG still stands proudly at the entrance to Cardboard Castle G, but I have him holding the silver power sword in one hand and the purple in the other
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    If you want it get it(and have the means). I never really wanted one BUT would not be opposed to buying one if it was at a price I could swallow and $2-300 ain't it.

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