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That is why I think the scalpers in my area (if there are any) just go for the high and quick turn over. Meaning the week a doll is released they snatch it up when they might actually get the ebay sale for 70 bucks for the doll.

The problem though is I see many similarities to World of Warcraft auctioning. There is this idea that someone bought it for X amount of markup once, people will always buy it for that much and then complain when people aren't buying up their product. What is great is when they go into their econ 101 crud about how what they are doing is the best thing.
Yeah that is why we don't have many scalpers here, the high cost of the doll to start and the low overall profit for those that don't have an already existing customer base (meaning they need to use eBay or Craigslist) keeps them from bothering.

I have found if you really want to make a decent return on investment with MH you have to be in for the long haul, buy the dolls then sit on them for a few months. With the constant refresh in cases and limited availability a doll that cost you $24 could net you $60 or make good trade fodder for exclusives that you might miss out on. Worst comes to worst you get retail cost for them so you lose nothing, you can help others out (I do this all the time) at cost.

That is not being a scalper though, that is being business smart and knowing how to invest in your collection instead of just hemorrhaging money buying dolls. But sadly I know people like myself are probably in the minority, especially hearing stories like Bonehead's with people buying an entire store out of dolls.