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    I picked up the two new Create A Monsters. Yes, I was the one who HATED the fiirst batch and returned them, but they made one positive change; the girl set at least has two torsos, but still only one wig. They even slapped a disclaimer sticker on the package that reads, "Only 1 wig included." So you still really can't make two dolls, unless you don't mind one being bald. They still screw you over with the boy set, because it only includes one torso. I just realized that. I was going to make both the boy vampire and the gargoyle and just leave the gargoyle bald, because he would look okay like that. Bah! It's not a huge loss and these are priced at $19.99 so buying two wouldn't be much more than buying two regular dolls anyway. I may pick up an extra boy set down the line.

    For those that don't know, the new girl set is a witch/cat set. I got it for the witch. (She's green like Elphaba!) The cat actually looks super lame. Their clothes aren't very impressive, same as the last batch. The boys have simple tees and shorts. (One set looks like the MH gym suit.) The girl set comes with two super simple minidresses. What sold me on the girl set is the black cat shoes. They're super cute and clever. Plus, I've always wondered why they didn't make a witch. I may grab a fashion pack and dress her up a bit nicer, though.

    Strangely, the other dolls we received a few days ago are not selling out! There are still at least one of each on the shelf and multiples of some. I don't think we've sold a single Opretta! She's one of my favorites, so I'm shocked she's a shelf warmer. Even boring ol' Nefera has outsold her!

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    I looked at my new one and pics of the old one, then watched a review the fur is leggings that aren't attached the boots. The old version they were pulled down to the floor the new one they are pulled over her knees instead of the boots.

    About 4.45 in the video she pulls up the leggings
    I never noticed that!
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