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Wow what a weird choice for the exclusive. Abbey deserved to have the SDCC exclusive, she is the most popular character they released this year. I do not like the fact that they are making a character that has never been made as an exclusive(she's going to be impossible to get). From what I remember she is rather plain looking (I think she is a straight up repaint of Frankie). Really disappointed with this choice I thought the MH crew would have had something a bit cooler in store for us.
I am thinking they were sure she was going to win last year and when she came in 3rd they figured they might as well do her as a exclusive with a lower run then most dolls. She should not be hard to get though, on Matty last year Ghoulia sat around for 2-3 months before being sold out. Most MH fans do not understand the whole MattyCollector website. They seem to think it will come to retail. Of course each year the line remains popular does bring about the scalpers so we will have to see how long things go.

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I take this to mean that Scarah may not appear as a major character in the webisodes then? I doubt they'd make her an exclusive if she was going to be one of the main cast. Bloodgood should be a general release, she's certainly prominent enough to warrant it.
No it means she should be prominent, usually if its going to be a actual released figure they get a webisode or a series of them devoted. The webisodes are basically like animated commercials