Many may not realize it, but the Faceless One's home from the MYP series was actually first mentioned in I believe the beginning of the 2nd series of the Filmation toon!

I'd be surprised if--by the time I finish watching the entire series--most of the elements from MYP or even the Classics bios didn't have their start in Filmation!

Now, I know a lot of people are die-hard fans of the House of Shokoti 2-parter, and that's cool...though I think if what the artists had originally started had been actually released, I would've enjoyed it a lot more; found it sorta overhyped, but to be fair I haven't seen the episode in ages either.

There is, though, one thing that absolutely drives me nuts about the 2-Parter, and it just happens to be an animation flub, but still I take issue with it:

the stone face of Shokoti is shown to be high up on this really tall door, which symbolically suggests a very powerful entity behind; building up to something big.

Unfortunately, when He-Man cuts thru it...the door has now shrunk to his size, and the stone face of Shokoti is also much smaller, reducing the look of it to a hanging door ornament.

I find that overly symbolic as I found the build-up to the 2nd part far more exciting than He-Man's experiences when he's...well, actually inside.