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Thread: Homebrew MotU Roleplaying Game

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    Homebrew MotU Roleplaying Game

    Hello MotU fans,

    Just for fun, I present to you my own homebrew Masters of the Universe roleplaying game. There are already lots of great roleplaying games for emulating barbarians wielding blasters, so this does not try to be one of them. Instead, this is a kind of story-game (yuck!) with almost no dice (ewww!) where you are kids (what?) playing with toys, recreating an episode of Masters of the Universe. Design your own MotU toys, pit them against each other, save the day. It's light, it's fun, it's silly, and it really feels like you can envision the episode in your head when it's done.

    Masters of the Universe RPG:

    Whenever my roleplaying group needs a one-shot, this is where we turn. I've recently expanded it to include everything She-Ra you could ever want as well. Questions, queries, theories? You just need to ask.

    Good gaming to you,

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    To play this game you require pieces of paper and writing implements.
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    I just read it. What a great role-playing concept: instead of playing as the characters in their own fantasy world like any other D&D game, you play as kids from the '80s, who are playing with the MotU action figures; taking to the heart of what MotU is all about — merchandising, merchandising, merchandising! (and the fan-base) The premise makes more sense than the halfhearted "official" MotU (so called) role-playing game — a game that would have been better off never being in the first place.

    Great work, Fisto-cuffs!

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