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    Gbagok's Unofficial Character Bios

    Hi everyone! So I've been working on several projects, but I thought it would be nice to make my own version of the MOTU bios using some design ideas after making Power Level stat templates for Sky_Breaker. I'll be adding to these periodically, particularly adding more as Book of Evil continues. Obviously these are taken from MOTUC, but I've combined more of 200X and tied them into the continuity that Iceman and I are using (which is mostly 200X/MYP/MVC, but retains Filmation and MOTUC influences).

    Update 7/7/13
    I've gone back through all my bios and saved them into waves of 6. I've gone back through all my previous posts and added new bios to them and in some cases changed the existing ones. Flogg for example is no more, replaced by a redesign of Brakk. I've left the old images as links, but the new ones are visible. To save time on hunting down each post, the links for all the updates follows below.
    (cropped versions are coming).

    wave 1

    ARCHIVE list

    wave 1

    wave 2

    wave 3

    wave 4

    wave 5

    wave 6

    wave 7

    wave 8

    wave 9

    wave 10

    wave 11

    wave 12

    wave 13

    wave 14

    wave 15

    wave 16

    wave 17

    wave 18

    wave 19

    wave 20

    wave 21

    wave 22

    wave 23

    wave 24

    wave 25

    wave 26

    wave 27

    wave 28

    wave 29

    wave 30

    wave 31

    wave 32

    wave 33

    wave 34

    wave 35

    wave 36

    wave 37

    wave 38

    Wave 39

    Wave 40

    Wave 41

    Wave 42

    Old wave 1
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