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    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    Mekaneck: first this does not add up to the time line. if Mekaneck is Adams childhood friend & was injured in Skeletors attack explain how he was with Captain Randor & Duncan when they battled Keldor when they defended the Hall of Wisdom? I can understand Mekaneck is not that old. he must have been in his teens or early twenties when he was first with Randor & Duncan, but Adam was still a baby or still very young?
    nice that he gets married. he did have a son didn't he (Filmation)? would this be explained in another bio?
    In the bio, I attribute his presence at Keldor's defeat as seen in the MYP pilot to time travel when Spector intervened near the last battle with King Hiss in which--as in MOTUC--Mekaneck had become a Snake Man again. It was important to me that he be Adam and Teela's contemporary as I felt he had a youthful presence and I wanted more of a set of characters in that age group rather than just Adam and Teela. I admit I'm inventing an attack that resulted in Orius's injury since Skeletor wasn't shown returning in MYP until after Mekaneck had his robotic neck, but I explained his presence during Keldor's injury! I know I'm mixing many continuities here, so I'm sorry if it's gotten all confused. Philip I imagine belonging to a future time, closer to Dare's age.

    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    Granamyr: I'm surprised you didn't use the art design that you did of him in Book of Evil part I.
    curious will you every do Dark Wing Graamyr's enemy?
    I wasn't liking my more recent attempts to draw my original Granamyr design, and more and more felt that I'd drifted too far from a recognizable Granamyr. Shadow Wing and maybe some other Dragons of Darksmoke are still coming.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lewd_Squirrel View Post
    How's the Lizard Man II coming along? :3
    If you mean a new drawing of him, check out the updates to Slave City. If you mean Gecho, he'll be along eventually!
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