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Thread: Stratos & Zodac Support Thread!!!

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    Both are cool figs. I even prefer Zodac with a "C" rather then the "K" version. And Stratos sounds like Deckard Cain or Sean Connery in the MYP cartoon!

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    Zodac is awesome!!!

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    I never liked the 80s or 2003 toys of these two characters so to finally get figures of them I like has made me very fond of both.

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    Zodac and Stratos are probably in my list of top 10 favorite figures. I know that they aren't the most visually stunning figures. But they are such faithful updates of their vintage counterparts. My 1st release Stratos had more flaws than any MOTUC figure I've received. When I got the reissue he was flawless and totally renewed my love for the figure.

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    Stratos was the only figure from the first two or three waves that I DIDN'T have originaly.. ALWAYS bothered me.

    ESPECIALLY since i LOVE flying characters... and Jetpacks make EVERYTHING better!!!

    I was SOOOO looking forward to getting the new version!...

    Zodac... I never liked as a kid... because he had no place in the line... Sometimes he was evil... but had no personality/mini comic appearances... sometimes he was neutral and just sat around not doing anything...

    Pointless character...

    That said I LOVE the Classics version! Do NOT know WHY.... but I can just stare at it all day... so streamlined and with the laser... I love it!

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    Zodac has always been the figure for me... look at my avatar... look at my signature.

    The cold tactician always appealed to me, on top of that, my dad is a retired cop so I was always drawn to the "police officer" characters like Zodac and Green Lantern as a kid.

    As an adult I appreciate what he has in common with mythological archetypes often repeated in popular culture. We see it again and again, in Star Wars, Jack Kirby's Fourth World, etc.

    Even though Zodac wasn't the first of his archetype in the history of narrative, he was one of my first brushes with it, and he remains one of my favorites.

    Edited to add: In NO WAY is Zodac the Wolverine or Boba Fett of MOTU, both of those characters are over-rated, poorly written, punk-ass britches, with unquantifiably mind-numbing popularity, who appeal to the worst stereotypes in the fan community. In other words, Scareglow.
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    Put me down for major love in both their directions! These are two well-done, fantastic toys of great, integral characters in the mythology. I love me some Stratos and Zodac!

    I would like to see the Staff of Avio at some point, though.... Perhaps with Hawk or an Avion Warrior 2-Pack!
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    I've always loved this two characters. When I was a kid I thought that zodac not being good or evil was amazing. There weren't too many characters like that back then.

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    Stratos was the first figure I skipped and was on the fence about back and forth for a while. I never had him as a kid and was never a big fan of the character.

    I finally picked one up on ebay a couple weeks ago and have to say that really like him. He looks cool and his colors are really great. Plus now I have all of the original 8 back figures!

    I bought Zodac when he was first released and love this figure too.

    I doubt I'll ever get Randor or He-ro though and have no interest in the 200x or POP figures either. I'm thankfully not a completist but I'm still amazed at how many figures I bought that I never planned on getting. Oh well...

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    Zodac is far from boring. i always thought he was one of the coolest looking figures in the original line. I kick myself for not picking up the Classics version and I hope he gets another go around.
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