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Thread: Weapons Pack, Head Pack, Cape Pack... & Other Packs

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    Weapons Pack, Head Pack, Cape Pack... & Other Packs

    We've seen the Weapons Pack & there's been ideas on the forums for a Head Pack & a Cape Pack. Maybe it's been thought already, but how about an "Eternian Artifacts Pack" or perhaps call it "Secrets of Greyskull" & encase it in the box the 200x Power Sword was in for a little flare...

    A pack like this could contain any 'magic item' that has appeared in Mattel owned MOTU media: the Ram Stone or Diamond Ray of Disappearance, for example; or a "space-suit" for the figures to wear (their own armour removed) that looks like the card-board stand-up that came with the original Greyskull playset? Perhaps 1 in 1,000 of these will have a collectible, random "secret" thrownn in - something weird & special or very obscure.

    You might see other things thrown in - a larger & more detailed laser/knuckles-dusters for Stratos & Beastman to fit on their monkey hands, or bolts of coloured magic to attach to the spell-casters of Eternia (perhaps with hidden properties, like colour-changes in light, etc.).

    There are more options for accessories - a ''Menagerie Pack", say, which might include small, articulated demons (think Alcala's), little monsters, animals, & robots found through MOTU media.

    A few more stands that echoes a variety of Mattel owned locations would also be good - Slime-Pit style stands with a tub of goo, Eternos-style walls, twisting, high-altitudes, Avionian crags, etc. etc.).

    Throw in large beasts & possibly vehicles & locations like Castle Greyskull itself - or the thrones of the Sorceress or Skeletor - there's quite a bit to be made on & for this line.
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    Many great ideas!

    But the next weapon's pack will only be a repaint of the already released weapons.

    maybe that will change in the 3.0 weapons pack... I hope so because indeed many of the packs you mention would be good to see in the line!

    But If I would have to choose between new tooling for a pack or for a figure I would chose the new tooling for the figure.

    The budget of the MOTUC is limited... fans have to make choises.

    About that, I would be really interested to know how the budget of the MOTUC line has evolved since the begeining... +200% ?

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    I hope this weapons pack has things like skeletor and mer-man armor. Capes would be great too.
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    Count me in for a "head pack".

    - Alcala Skeletor head
    - Duncan w/o helmet (stache and no stache)
    - Tri-Klops blind swordsman head!!!!!!!!!!
    - Zodak w/o helmet
    - Zeelar w/o helmet
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    If they make head***** part packs I'd like new arms for Kronis using the Tri-Klops arm mold.

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    I'd like a head pack....

    zodak w/o helment
    Keldor's acid burned head
    new head for Faker
    Evil lynn w/o helmet
    Orko w/o hat so we can see what his face looks like
    200x skeletor head
    200x Trap-jaw head
    just to name a few

    200x keldor dual swords
    200x arm canon for MAA
    necklace with amulet for Orko
    alternate weapon for Tytus (to replace his vacuum cleaner)
    200x 'closed' sword for Adam (in myp colors, not silver)
    armor & stand for Zoar
    Scythe for Scareglow
    200x sword in orange for Faker
    He-man Axe & shield in orange for Faker
    silver she-ra weapons
    3 new arm attachments for Trap-jaw (to give him a total of 6 different 'hands')
    200x arm for Trap-jaw (with the 200x weapons)

    Capes/armor and other things.....
    black 'female' cape for Evil lynn
    black 'male' cape (for He-man to recreate his 'movie' version)
    right arm & leg armor for MAA (for those who want him symmetrical, like his filmation version)
    spiked club end to fit over the tip of Whiplash's tail (to add some more 200x flair to him)
    200x belt for Zodak & silver neckpiece
    200x jetpack with controls & wristbands for Stratos
    200x shinguards for Stratos (and ones for Beastman as well)

    all of these i'd by in a heartbeat....

    that's about all i can think of for now.
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    Head pack please! Imo it could take the place of a weapons pack or bonus figure, not a monthly. And since TG liked the 2002 era so much, how bout a 2002 Body Kit? Check it

    Trap-Jaw's MYP arm
    MAA's Cannon
    Keldor's double swords
    He-mans MYP Harness
    Skeletors MYP Harness
    Jet Pack for Stratos

    What else?
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