So, I must admit, I was one of those that was totally in favor of not flocking Panthor. So much so that I was even disappointed that there was not a completely unflocked verison of Moss Man..and even a little upset that Grizzlor is going to be furry. But that's all changed now.

My boyfriend and I were driving to the movie theatre tonight, and I jokingly made the comment that it is sad he will be out of town when my She-Ra arrives on Friday. He used to love MOTU as a kid but thinks I'm silly for collecting MOTUC now. Oh well. Nobody's perfect.

So anyway, I asked him which figure his inner child most looks forward to. He said Panthor, and then went on to tell me that when he was growing up, he had a mean kitty that wouldn't let him pet her. So he would sit around and pet his Panthor and pretend it was his cat.

ToyGuru, this was the saddest, funniest thing I have ever heard, and I am here to beg you to please please PLEASE flock Panthor. I know you said it would be a good way to refresh him...but maybe you could offer both at the onset? The boy needs his kitty!