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Thread: Evil lyns coven of witches in MOTUC

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    Evil lyns coven of witches in MOTUC

    I always thought to my self that Evil-lyn needed to have her own warriors to support her if she were finally able to get rid of Skeletor, a group of close confidants that would protect her as she assumed power of the evil warriors. So maybe Evil lyn trained a secret coven of witches to do her bidding, and the disguises that she used in Filmation and 200x are the perfect candidates for the members of her coven. Here who I found so far. Gbagok should be credited with sparking this idea with his Madame Zenia Design for his unofficial bios.



    4)Circe the Siren

    5)Although shes not an Evil-lyn disguise, the Sultra, the Green Concept witch would be an awesome addition to the coven of witches.

    Really powerful witch's like Shokoti and The Enchantress wouldn't be subservent to someone like Evil-lyn
    Any others i'm missing? Please include pics. Thanks
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    I'd LOVE to get MOTUC versions of Magestra and The Siren-either as Lyn disguises or as new characters. (I'd happily take the others too!)
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    fig ideas are fine and welcome. But I cannot see Lyn in a coven. I'm shortsighted I guess.

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    I'd bite... not sure about the green witch though. To generic and halloweeny.

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    The siren's name was Circe. She'd be an interesting MOTUC figure, but I can wait for her.
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    I would love to have some of these, especially Magestra, Nadira, and Siren. But, I'd want them as variant's of Evil-Lyn. I mean, that's what they are; her in a magical disguise.

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