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Well, his costume does look like a more colorful version of a KISS costume...

I actually emailed Gene Simmons at his site, http://www.genesimmons.comsuggesting that he contact Mattel about getting KISS designed as part of MOTUC a few weeks ago. I figured this would be perfect cross-promotion. After all, KISS were the Masters of the Universe years before He-Man. Maybe more people should to show interest. If we can have Mo-Larr, then why not KISS? I think the Horsemen could do fantastic things tweaking their costumes to fit in with MOTUC, and didn't the 4H sculpt the McFarlane KISS figures?
At first I was all "I dunno bout this?", but then I started thinking about it and it would be pretty cool to have The Demon, The Starchild/Stargazer, The Beast Master/Catman, and The Spaceman in MOTUC format, lol. Fun crossover, but certainly not demanded....but still could be cool.