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    Quote Originally Posted by Staff Of Ka View Post
    Awesome! well theres three 'Doug Howards' on IMDB, but only this one sorta seems close!

    right era of activity -1987
    Doug Howard (III) has only done film editing and was a script supervisor in the one film.

    Doug Howard (I) was only a special thanks:

    Doug Howard (IV) is the only one who's an actor. I'm watching the show he was in right now to see if it's him or not.

    EDIT: I have NO idea if he's in the show or not. I watched both episodes and never ONCE heard the name "Michael Ferguson," or any short forms of it. There is a boy in the show that *might* be him though. Hard to tell and I don't think they ever said his name.

    EDIT part 2: I FOUND HIM!!!

    He probably isn't any of the IMDB people. He's a musician (duh to me!). He was part of a few bands, the newest being Reservoir Road and he has an album out this year!

    Yay me for finding him and his official website!:

    You can listen to some of his music in the media section:

    His band:

    He's also Chief Operating Partner of Lodestar Entertainment, llc:

    Him today:
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