OK so if Oo-Larr is indeed the subscription figure this year then thats cool, but that would mean this sub figure has brand new sculpted parts (if mini comic accurate) he's need bare feet (human) bare shins and calves, bare forearms and a beltless loin cloth thats a bit of new (or at the least modified) tooling for a sub only figure. so that means the line is doing even better than before as thy can now justify new tooling for a bonus 'no monthly sales slot" figure or they have to use those parts elsewhere. anyone have ideas for what they can do? I can't think of anyone.

also what the heck accessories would he come with? I mean they could package him with he-man's gear but that is redundant for a few reasons we got them already with he-man and the goddess, at first glance it would just make this look like a naked he-man with armour on the side. so he will come with a power sword most likely but what else??