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Although I'd like to see a Jungle Attack He-Man in MOTUC, I think Oo-Lar should be something/one different. If they based Oo-Lar on the He-Man from the "He-Man and the Power Sword" mini-comic, I'd be pleased. Have the basic sculpt we have now, but with a different head, without the belt, boots or wrist bands, but have them as accessories (they could even sculpt a little boot knife in there!). The vest, axe and shield that came with the Goddess could be used to complete the character. I know that this would require a lot of new tooling however, so I figure my ideal Oo-Lar will likely not happen, but I can dream right?
I agree! I want to see both figures and have them be unique, I really want a Savage He-Man that is mini-comic accurate that has no wrist bracelets, bare foot, no belt, and comes with a spear