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This is an example of sense of entitlement that just boggles my mind.

1st of all... WHO CARES?!!?

If your fine with the 'concept' of savage He-man... what do you Care what the name is??

Why do you absolutely HAVE to know where and how the name came from? Whether it was a copyright error, or a cat thrown at the typewriter... What difference does it make?

Odds are good, that this character will not be CALLED Oo-lar, any more than any of the other 'real names'... So where that came from doesn't matter any more then where any of the OTHER names came from.

Toyguru really has no obligation or responsibilty to 'fess up' OR 'tell us where it came from'

If you 'Cant take it anymore'... or are really as invested as this message sounds... then I would recommend switching to decaf

Though... it IS nice to see a complaint that isn't A) Spector and B) quality control related
Agreed! 100%