so with all the hoopla and nonsense about Keldor not receiving his 200X Dual Blades because it sorta looks like the vintage power, let's talk about a weapon that's missing...the 200X arm canon that Duncan (Man-At-Arms) came with in the 200X toy line and readily used in the MYP cartoon. That one weapon made MAA 10 times cooler then he was in the 80s and I was a little miffed that he came with He-man's 200X Power Sword instead of his own weapon. Maybe they're saving it to come along with a future Dekker figure, which would make sense since he himself was a Man-At-Arms, was Duncan's teacher, and is retired. It could always say on his bio that when Dekker had retired, he handed off his powerful arm canon to his favorite pupil, Duncan. Hopefully since the arm canon never showed up in the vintage line, it will show up soon with someone or a weapons pack