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  • My Skeletor Has the Gappy Ankles that He-man Had

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Thread: Does your Filmation Skeletor Have corrected (no gap) Ankles?

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    Does your Filmation Skeletor Have corrected (no gap) Ankles?

    It seems there was a running change for Filmation Skeletor. Some folks are getting him with the poorly designed gappy ankles found on Filmation He-man, and some people are receiving him with fixed ankles with no Gap.

    Please vote if your Skeletor's Ankles have the gap like this:

    Or the corrected ankles with no gap like this:

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    Heroic Warrior mjw41's Avatar
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    Got my two Filmation skeletors today and I'm very pleased that both have the corrected ankles
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    Hey Dark Moon you should also address weather it was a sub or day of sale Skelly that we got with either the gap or No gap.

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    No Gap on 2 sub Skellies. Yay!

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    seems more like the second than first

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