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Thread: Hand of Horde Prime in Club Grayskull

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    Hand of Horde Prime in Club Grayskull


    Show your support for a figure-sized articulated Hand of Horde Prime in Club Grayskull.

    Would you support the Hand of Horde Prime?

    Yes, the Hand is the real Horde Prime.
    No, red Horde Prime is all I need.
    Grayskull needs its Cardboard Spacesuit MOTUCized

    Voice your support in the Cardboard Spacesuit/Robot thread:

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    I cannot. In the same way I do not need a shimmery wall light hope. If I were one to make dioramas then these things could be of use. I do not. I like action figures. Disembodied Giant hands I can skip.

    If I were one to make dioramas then it would be easy enough and satisfying, not to mention fun, to make these types of things to go in them.

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    Yes I want the cartoon version of Horde Prime. However, I think it should be a rubber glove puppet like the Fright Zone creature, instead of an articulated hand.

    If they make it out of the right material it can still maintain its rigid shape while remaining flexible.

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