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Thread: Would you like to see Skeletor's former incarnation(s) being released?

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    Would you like to see Skeletor's former incarnation(s) being released?

    Bear with me on this.... Just an idea I've been rolling around this afternoon.

    In several MOTU incarnations, and particularly in MOTUC, we've seen a number of He-Mans "forbearers", with Wun-Dar, the rumoured Ooh-La, and so forth.

    As a kid, I always loved to think of the long-running battle between He-Man and Skeletor stretching through the ages. Sure, the Horde and the Snake Men were interesting additions, but it was the He-Man / Skeletor fight at the heart of the saga.

    Well, as we're seeing so many He-Man "ancestors" (who whatever you'd care to call them)... how would you feel about seeing some various Skeletor incarnations through the ages? As in, for every He-Man in the past, a corresponding Skeletor to go with him?
    Don't instantly yell about "...but it says this and that" in whatever bios I think it could easily be worked in to the timeline with a little creative planning.

    Production wise they could also be fairly easy and realistic to produce, with a fairly standard Skeletor buck and or / Skele head, and a few tweaks and changes. I couldn't see them as "a-list" releases, but maybe the occasional bonus or sub exclusive.

    I dunno myself if I think it would work, but what do you think?
    (Here's where I get shot down in flames!!)
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    Demo-Man is good enough for me. Any other villains should be characters similar to Marzo --- they should be their own established characters. If they want to have it that Demo-Man has possessed people in the past, that's fine, but they shouldn't have skull faces.

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    Pretty much only want to see Demo-man, now Vikor is being released we will definetly see Demo-man and no doubt Red Beast aswell.
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    I'm saying yeah cause I would be curious as to what demo man looks like since I don't know what he looks like before skeletor.
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    Maybe some characters can be used as Skeletor "ancestors" like Prahvus or Demo-Man, but I odn't want new characters or giving every He-Man an evil counterpart
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    Don't give them an excuse of making more Skeletor variants!!!
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    More villians from other times that want the power of Greyskull or whatever is fine but the I don't think it would work the same as it does with the He-man from other times. The He-mans are linked by the sword, Skeletor isn't tied into something like the sword of He or the dark side of the force. Basically King Hiss and Hordak are Skeletors from other times really....

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    For me is not necessary before i would the other version of Skeletor such as Dragon Blaster, Terror claws, NA eccc...

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    NA skeletor, 80s movie dark robed & gold god skeletor. MYP fire skeletor & some 80s variants & a Demo man. thats good enough.

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    With so many characters from MOTU, POP and NA still waiting to see the light of day, I would rather Mattel not spend time and money making up new characters.

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    No thanks. I don't want Skeletor diluted the same way He-man looks like he's going to be...
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    I'm keen on seeing these:

    -Demo-Man (and Red Beast!)
    -Karak Nul

    I could see them taking up similar roles in the mythos in times past. (Perhaps Nul fought Wun-Dar while Demo-Man fought against Demo-Man?)

    I voted "Other."
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    I voted "No Way" because I feel we have already received this in the spirit that I find interesting and compelling. And literally true as far as I understand it.

    We have the "He-Men" throughout the ages, of course, but we also have their other side, the big bad they were up against. King Hiss, Hordak, Demo Man, Marzo. Heck Karak Null as represented by Scareglow in his bio fit this bill as well as I recall it.

    So a specifically "Skeletor" character, like bone head guy historic line? Nah, we already have the historic villians in many cases that previous He-Men went up against. We even got Fighting Foe Men!

    So for me it's Skeletor's future we need, in the form of Skeleteen. Yes, I want that part of the bloodline.

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