View Poll Results: Is Pre-Filmation Teela Truly Blonde???

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  • She's Blonde!

    49 37.40%
  • She A Light Shade Of Red!

    27 20.61%
  • I'm Sorry! My Eyes Never Got Above Her Neck!

    8 6.11%
  • I Don't Care If Her Hair Is Purple, I Just Want A Bikini Teela!

    10 7.63%
  • I Have a MOTUC Teela And Don't Need Another One!

    16 12.21%
  • I Don't Care!

    21 16.03%
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Thread: Is Pre-Filmation Teela Truly Blonde???

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    Is Pre-Filmation Teela Truly Blonde???

    I know that there are a lot of people who want a Teela that resembles the character from the DC Comics MOTU mini-series(that looks like she has red hair imo)...

    ...and the mini-comics(if you look at her hair in the 3 pictures on the lower left, it definitely looks like she was supposed to have reddish hair)...

    ...who refer to her as, more often than not, "blonde Teela". I thought nothing of this until I looked at some of these Pre-Filmation designs again recently. To me, it appears that Teela isn't really blonde. She's either a light red or at most a strawberry blonde. I don't know if Mattel changed their minds on her hair color after the comics were "colored" but before the toy was released or if there was just a gap in communication between the toy company & whoever worked on the comics. So I'm curious...

    Is Pre-Filmation Teela Truly Blonde???
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