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    Anime - The Mega Thread

    So with the recent Dragonball Z Kai thread and because I love anime (which is no shock I bet) I got to wondering, what is everyones view on anime?

    What shows do you like or dislike?

    What movies do you watch?

    Do you like live action adaptions or would you like them?

    Basically if it is about anime I wanna know

    Still I guess I should make a start.. so I will answer those questions I posed (but don't limit yourself to them)

    Shows I like would be -

    Naruto / Shippuden,
    One Piece,
    Dragonball / Z / GT,
    Big O,
    First of the North Star,
    Death Note,
    Tokyo Underground,
    Elfen Lied,
    Neon Genesis Evangelion,
    Blood +
    and Bleach.

    There are others i like but those I would say are my faves while others I merely watch.

    Shows I don't like - actually I can only think of one at the moment and that is Cowboy Bepop. Sure I know it has a LOT of fans but I just never found it interesting

    Movies I like would be the Naruto, One Piece and Dragonball ones (of course) as well as great movies such as Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Blood, Howls Moving Castle, Paprika, Perfect Blue, Princess Monoke, The Cat Returns and Final Fantasy Advent Children.

    Live Action, well the only ones I can think of at the moment is Death Note and that kicked ass and Dragonball Evolution which didn' Still I would love to see more live action Anime (if anyone knows of any please feel free to recommend).

    As to why I like anime...well it is a lot of reasons. One of them is that unlike a lot of western animation (especially super hero shows) animes tend to really make you think. I mean western animation is good but everything in them is so clear cut, the good guy is the good guy and the villain is the villain. Shows like Death Note and Elfen Lied really make you think about right and wrong and question what you would do in those cases.

    Take Light Yagami from Death Note for example: Is he a villain because he is killing people or is he a hero because he is killing criminals to make a better world? You don't really see that kind of character in american toons cuz heroes usually just don't kill. Notice I said usually because there are exceptions

    Also most of the action scenes (as well as the animation in general) in a lot of anime blows a lot of the action scenes from cartoons like Justice League out of the water due to sheer awesomeness.

    So ya that is a bit about me and anime..I know there are anime fans on here so lets hear what you have to say
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