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Thread: My wants/haves trade list

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    My Trade List

    Like it says here is my wants/haves trade list. I placed it here because my main concern is MOTUC.


    BA He-man’s Single damage chest plate
    Bow’s Bow
    Buzz-Off’s Small Axe
    Great Rebellion sticker sheet
    He-man/King Grayskull’s Shield
    Horde Arm Band
    Horde Prime’s Staff
    Kronis arm
    Palace Guard’s Single damage chest plate
    Sir Laser Lot’s shield
    Teela’s shield
    Trap Jaw head
    WP 1 Horde bow
    WP 1 dagger x2
    WP 1 Club
    WP 2 Evil Lyn’s dagger
    WP 3 Zoar
    WP 3 Clawful lot (mace and shield)
    WP 3 Chief Carnivus’ shield

    Snake Mountain trap door
    Snake Mountain net pegs
    Buzz Off – helmet
    Buzz Off – axe
    Man At Arms – Mace
    Man At Arms – Leg armor
    Man At Arms – Arm armor
    King Randor Armor
    Beast Man – Weapon Pack Yellow Armor complete
    Grizzlor – Bow
    Leech – Bow

    Spy Monkey
    Demon Saber – cold steel
    Falcon Saber – cold steel
    Various pieces

    My Wants:

    Here is what I am currently looking for
    BG Evil Lyn’s cape
    Kobra Khan
    An alternate weapon for Tytus (open to any suggestions)

    Vintage MOTU:
    He-Man’s power sword, shield
    BA He-man’s power sword
    Man E Face’s red shield (man e weapons)
    Orko’s magic trick
    Two Bad’s shield
    Mosquitor's Laser Gun
    Dragstor’s ripcord
    Tyrantisaurus Rex’s Side Gun and back cover
    Snake Mountain shackles

    King of the Snake men
    Snake Attack
    Revenge of the Snake men

    Flipshot’s Helmet, Jet Pack, Wrist Rockets
    Spinwit’s 2 Spin Shields, Spear-Rocket Trident
    Flogg’s Helmet, Chest Plate Armor, Laser Whip
    Slush Head’s Tentacle Pack, Two Tentacles, Axe Blaster
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