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Thread: Comic book mobile

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    Comic book mobile


    My friends are starting a comic book mobile.

    I'm just helping them do some research.

    Would you buy from a comic book mobile?
    Do you live near a comic book store?
    Would you like to have a comic mobile in your neighborhood? If so where?
    Do you purchase hardcopy comics or digital?

    Thanks for listening looking.


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    I would buy from one, if it was within walking distance to where I lived or worked. I live within a short driving distance to a comic store. I would like to have a comic book mobile in my neighborhood - anything to save trips would be nice. I purchase hardcopy comics - digital is too fussy for me, zooming around, enlarging to read, etc. I very much prefer hardcopy comics.

    I would think that you would have a lot of luck near a college campus. And if you had one of those geotrackers on the comic mobile that some of the food trucks do - that shows customers where you are and where you're going to be.

    Good luck!

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