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Thread: My First Fan Art- eek! Evil-Lyn/Tri-Klops sketches

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    My First Fan Art- eek! Evil-Lyn/Tri-Klops sketches

    So, here is my first ever fan art. A rough sketch of Tri-Klops and a rough sketch of Evil-Lyn, done freestyle by hand with a pencil.

    I'm not much of a draw-er, I tend to write fanfic more, but I wanted to draw some pics to go with my new fanfic i'm writing which has an Evil-LynxTri-Klops pairing , so i thought i'd better practise these two.

    Some of the colours are a bit 'off', but I literally own 10 colouring pencils, which shows how often I draw... ...I think Trike could do with being even more muscly, but overall, i'm fairly happy with the result considering it was a first attempt.

    Let me know what you think!
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